• Not everyone is into commitment, which is why we made these candles.
  • Created for the minimalists, those who travel and the fragrance fickle.
  •  They’re mini in size, but not in scent — you can expect them to burn strong for 20 to 25  hours.
  • Each travel tin candle is filled with creamy natural soy wax, fragrance oil and a premium cotton wick.

Travel Tin Candles

    • Trim your wick! Listen, we know the extra three seconds it takes to find scissors is annoying, but you’ll thank us later. Trimming increases the lifespan of your candle by up to 15%. About 2mm to 5mm should do the trick. 
    • Settle in and enjoy. To avoid the “tunnel effect,” the first time you light your candle burn it for at least three hours, until the wax is melted to the edges.
    • Save your breath. To reduce smoke, don’t blow out your candle. Instead, use a spoon (or a wick dipper, if you’re fancy like that)